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Virginia School For Nurse Aides (VSFNA) has a total of over 24 years of medical experience. Our team of nurses provides dedicated service not only to our students but to the practice of nursing as well. We have combined two of the most compassionate fields of teaching and nursing. We pride ourselves on our commitment to education and caring. At VSFNA, our class sizes are kept small so our instructors are able to give individualized attention to our students, which enables them to process information more accurately, which in turns boost their confidence and comfort level. In addition, our instructors have time built into their schedules for those students needing extra instruction including Saturday and Sundays. 

Our Specialty

At Virginia School for Nurse Aides we only focus on CNA's and Medication Aides. Because that's our only focus we are proud to say we are making it our specialty. Our name says it all. "At VSNA your passion is our passion." We are proud of our student pass rate on State Boards, which you will take at our school (Nurse Aides). Our students enjoy our student oriented atmosphere. 


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