Virginia School for Nurse Aides


3310 W. Clay St. Suite 100

Richmond, VA. 23230

Virginia School for Nurse Aides and Health Education’s objective and mission is to graduate no less than competent Nurse Aides and Medication Aides into our community.

Virginia School for Nurse Aides (VSNA) offers Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Medication Aide, Personal Care Aide (PCA) and CPR classes.  We give un-divided attention to ALL of our students by keeping our class sizes small so that every student receives individualized attention and instruction. The atmosphere at VSNA is very student oriented; our students have control in their scheduling and flexibility with payments. 

By keeping our classes small we can ensure that you receive personalized attention from your instructors. By getting more one-on-one attention from your instructors, you're able to learn and understand the information easier which helps you become a confident and successful CNA.

Also making your nursing education better, is our hands-on approach to clinical training. You will receive an internship at an assisted living facility, where you're able to use your knowledge and skills learned in class to provide direct patient care and medication administration to residents.

All our students at Virginia School for Nurse Aides will be eligible to sit for State Boards after completing our courses. VSNA’s CNA graduates will take their State Boards here at the school; which provides comfort to our students because they are already comfortable with our atmosphere, and because of this Virginia School for Nurse Aides has a HIGH PASS RATE on state boards.

Lastly, At Virginia School for Nurse Aides we only focus on CNA's. We offer classes that are geared toward the student interested in becoming a SUCCESSFUL Nurse Aide. Because we only focus on CNA's; we are proud to say we are making it our specialty. Our name says it all. 



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Virginia School for Nurse Aides


3310 W. Clay St. Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23230

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